Tuesday, 14 January 2014

So What Will 2014 Bring ?

  Things have been a little quiet around here over the Christmas period. Real life taking priority over the creative side of things. Of course in an ideal world it's the creative side that should be the center of things.

  So what's the plan for this year ?
Increase exposure and networking -
 Which means more personal projects, so I can build my personal network and give me something to share with my audience (and hopefully build up my following).
 Of course the hope is that this leads to more paid work / print sales and therefor increased exposure.

   Now that sounds fairly straight forward. You start a cycle and with each repetition the momentum builds and you keep going. OK so how do you keep it going, how do you maintain the momentum to build things up to the point that (in this case) photography becomes your full time job ? The short answer is hard work and dedication. Every day you have to do something to keep the cycle going. Plan ahead, set goals. Give yourself a time scale.
How many personal projects are you going to complete in the next six months ?
How many freelance jobs are you going to apply for ?
How many Blog posts are you going to publish, remembering that quality is better than quantity ?
How hard are going to work to achieve you dream ?

   You have to put yourself out there and take chances, risk failure and keep working.

        So watch this space and more.t.k...