Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Little Things

    OK so call me a geek, call me a big kid but sometimes the simple things make me happy :)
For instance Velcro !

I decided that securing filters and flash triggers to my equipment with elastic bands was not very professional or reliable. Then I went to Maplins (UK) ans spotted these little Velcro rolls...

And they are brilliant ! Each role is a metre long, you can cut them to length. A choice of colours,  if you want to colour code your gear. 
Wrap a strip around the head of your speed light and it will grip a piece of coloured gel. 
Flash trigger hanging off the side of your strobe by its cable ? Use a strip of Velcro to secure it.
Packing gear, Wrap around loose light stand legs. Group gear together.
My Bowens studio flash does not have a hole to fit an umbrella shaft. So two lengths of Velcro wrapped around the body of the light gripping the umbrella shaft. Easy !
did I mention the choice of colours ? OK, so you get the point.

Here is the Maplins link

                             More t.k...

(The author will not be held responsible for the fate of small children and animals when using Velcro.)