Monday, 14 July 2014

The Creative Trigger

      Just like you I have limitation on what I can achieve by myself. I don't have a full time stylist, makeup  artist and hair stylist. Now I pretty much do my own wardrobe styling, it's a key part to my 'look'. You know what it's like you have the model but they don't own the right outfit, who pays for it, do you give her the outfit as payment for the shoot ? Or do you start filling your spare room with a random selection of clothes ?!
    Like I said I do my own styling and an important piece of the style is jewellery. It creates a focus, influences the theme. Hell it can inspire an entire shoot !
    I can literally spend an hour or two on Ebay, Amazon or just image searching for interesting pieces of jewellery. These character pieces have a story of their own which can inspire a new image/story.  Just one little piece, a necklace or headband can completely change a models character and define the 'story' that you are telling with your photograph.
    Believe me there is some really cool jewellery out there. Some not as expensive as you might think.
Recently I bought some artificial lilys and guess what ? They keep popping into my head when I imagine a new project ! So the little book of big ideas is expanding !
         'The little things are really the big things.'

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