Sunday, 15 February 2015

Why I Won't Be Spending £3,000 On A New Camera

    Canons new 5DS is an awesome piece of kit. Full frame 50.6 megapixels, 61 AF points, Digic 6 processor; the list goes on...
Their 5D mk3 - 22.3 megapixel, 61 AF points, Digic 6 processsor, basically the smaller brother to the 5DS, is also awesome; but they ae over £2000 just for the body !

   Lets be honest. Most of us cannot afford that kind of money and anyone who does buy one is probably using a credit card or a payment plan. There is an alternative. (or 2)

some pro photographers rent their gear. They build the cost of one or two days equipment rental into their budget for a shoot. So the client is paying and the photographer is playing.
All those pros who talk about medium format, they hire the camera per shoot.
   Yes this is a valid option but in today's market I don't think most budgets will accommodate.

    So Canon are also releasing two other cameras. The 750D & 760D.
The 760D has a APS-C 24.2 MP sensor, 19 AF points & Digic 6 processor. Oh and it's £649.00 !
Canon do not class this as a professional camera but when you look at the specifications what else do you need ?
The 760D out performs the 5D mk2 one of the most successful pro cameras on the market !

Now let's be honest, the 760D has a cropped sensor (1.6) but it can except all of Canons lenses. Pro full frame cameras can only except EF lenses. Yes you loose the full width of view of any lens but you avoid the flaws that can be found at the edges.
  For someone who spends most of his time in the studio photographing people I see no reason why the 760D can't be taken seriously. Some of you will be thinking bokeh, that lovely transition from sharp focus to soft fuzzy gorgeousness ! Well cropped sensors tend to have a harsher transition but a larger sensor can improve the transition. So it is a trade off, if you're not sure try it out and make your own mind up. I know what my decision will be when the 760D comes out in April.

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