Sunday, 20 September 2015

An Eventful Few Weeks

Have I mentioned that I have started doing event photography ?
The folks at Cheshire Life Magazine have taken me on as a freelancer covering Manchester. It's only part time, which means one job every four to six weeks, so not enough to live on but it's work and it gets my name in print (about 30,000 in circulation).
All I have to do is be available, turn up on time and cover every important detail and get peoples names spelt correctly. Luckily for me this summer saw a few extra events so I've already shot three with two more booked.
The key is to travel light, eat before you go, don't drink alcohol and be respectful.

Salvi's Restaurant launch event

My first job was covering Salvi's Restaurant and a dinner they laid on to promote their new restaurant  and deli which will be opening across town.

I was lucky with this one. It was early enough for the daylight to make exposure easy and I didn't have to fight the camera over slow shutter speeds  when it did get dark. There is nothing worse than uploading the shots onto your pc only to discover that some are too 'soft' for print. Low light shooting is a whole new arena. More on that to come...

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