Monday, 25 April 2016

The Nomadic Model and the 3 -2 -3 Shoot Part 2

In our previous instalment I introduced you to Roarie Yum the world travelling model and our adventure in commercial fashion lighting. Well that was just the beginning !

We could not go through a shoot with out doing some of my popular 'fashion nude' work, so while Roarie changed outfit I reset the lights. Or rather I turned off the octobox and placed a grid over the beauty dish. In the space of a minute I had a whole new look ! Remember I'm using a speed-light through a 22" beauty-dish, nothing fancy. It's just a matter of choosing the dish angle and power output. 

Then Roarie Yum stepped in front of my lens and delivered a performance that yielded a treasure trove of images that I then had to organize and make my selections from. In the end I settled on three sets of four pictures. That's twelve images worthy of publication from a session that lasted forty minutes out of a three hour shoot !

The simple truth is know what you want, go for it and make sure you cast properly ! Do not make do with the 'girl next door' go out and cast your model, use ModelMayhem - PurplePort - BeScouted, you will be rewarded !

Oh, and just to let you know, there is a third part to this shoot !
(See the rest of the sets - HERE )

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